What You Can Do To Help

Reusable Bags Are The Way To Go

Instead of using the plastic bags at the store, bring your own reusable bag! You can even buy a recyclable bag that can keep you groceries cold!

Use A Reusable Water Bottle

Instead of buying plastic bottles form the store, use a reusable bottle and just fill it up with water from your home. This will also cut down on waste and how much you have to buy from the store.

Join A Carpool Or Use Public Transportation

If you join a carpool or use public transportation, you will cut down on greenhouse gases and won't have to drive back and forth as much.

Save The Trees

  When you buy paper or wood products look for labels that show the product has been made with sustainable methods, which means it is protected against global warming and destruction of wildlife. This will help save our trees and wildlife!

Lights Out

When you leave a room or if lights is not needed, turn them off! This will cut down on energy waste and it saves money!

You Can Do It

There are many other ways you can personally help the environment! It's important to know one person can make a difference! 

Information found at https://greatist.com/happiness/ways-help-environment